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Sewage Backup Atlanta

Sewage Backup Atlanta provides excellent repairs for your sewage system, so you will not experience sewage backup at your home that can be very disturbing.

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Sewage Backup Atlanta

There are certain situations when the sewage does not work correctly, and it goes back up to your house, most likely the basement. This dire situation gives you a lot of headaches and disadvantages to your house and your health and comfort. Your home should be the most comfortable place for you, but with sewage backup issues, this will be the opposite. It is much better to call in our professionals at Sewage Backup Atlanta to do the job for you. Our professionals fix the issue with practical solutions to not have any sewage backup problems in the future.

We have been in the industry for many years, and our experts are very familiar with different resolutions. Our experts at Sewage Backup Atlanta are very knowledgeable about the causes why sewage backups occur at your home, and thanks to our tremendous experience, you can rest assured that the problem will be fixed sooner than expected.

Common Culprits Of Sewage Backup

Here are the common causes of sewage backup that you may be experiencing.

Damaged Pipes. When a pipe is damaged, it will not function properly, and as a result, sewage backup will occur. One of the causes, why the pipe gets broken, is because of incorrect installation. Also, earthquakes can damage the lines, and in this case, it is an uncontrollable situation. If you live in an old house, it is more likely that the pipes installed are already old and need replacement. Similar to other things that we have, pipes also need to be replaced in time.

Clogs. One of the most common things that people do is try to flush something solid down their toilet. Never treat the sewer lines as your garbage disposal, which means that you should never flush anything solid down your toilet. If you would flush down tissue paper, make sure that they are biodegradable not to cause a clog down the pipes. Since most tissue papers are biodegradable, water can break them down, so you do not need to worry about having your piping system clogged. However, one of the most common materials found on any sewage system is cotton and other absorbent materials. When they get wet, they can expand, which can result in clogging; that is why it is better to throw your trash appropriately instead of flushing them down. It is also essential to have a working sump pump to avoid clogs. But no need to make a fuzz because we have professionals at Sump Pump Repair Atlanta who can handle the problem effectively.

Grease. Not because it is liquid does not mean that it would not be a barrier in your sewage system. You have to remember that when grease cools down, it becomes solid. And contrary to what most people believe in, it is not true that when you pour hot water, the oil will cool down, and it will flush down the piping system. When the grease hardens, hot water alone will not suffice to cool it down. And the most complicated thing about this cause is that it can go far down the pipe. This means that sewage cleanup is inevitable because of the complexity of the issue.

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These three are the common culprits when it comes to sewage backup. Once you see early signs of this terrible issue at your home, or if you are already in a situation where urgent attention is needed, call our professionals at Sewage Backup Atlanta. We will ensure that the problem is well taken care of and will not occur again for your comfort and safety.

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