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Hardwood floors are susceptible to water damage as it is not waterproof flooring. Contact us today and allow us to give you the best floor repair Atlanta experience.

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Do I Need to Replace My Water Damaged Hardwood Floors?

Many homeowners opt for hardwood flooring as it has a classic structural and aesthetic aspect that offers character, spaciousness, and a sense of flow to any home. However, in spite of all the benefits it offers, it comes with some disadvantages, and one of them is being susceptible to water damage.

Homeowners with hardwood flooring usually suffer from water damage. Water damage can affect wood floors in various ways depending on the type of wood and the layout. Some of the signs that your wood floor has water damage are:

  • Staining and discoloration
  • Cupping and buckling
  • Lifting nails
  • Lifting floorboards
  • Mold growth

However, not all water damage in wood floors is apparent. Experts in floor repair Atlanta can easily spot water damage on a wood floor as they have enough knowledge and experience in recognizing various water damage.

If your hardwood floor is water damaged, you may either need to repair or replace it. In determining whether your hardwood floors need to be repaired or replaced, there are several factors that you have to consider.

How Much Water Damage to Your Floor

How much water on hardwood floors directly connects to the extent of damage; the more water on the floor, the more damage there could be. If your pipe has one eight-inch crack, it can dump more than 200 gallons of water a day and can cause significant damage to your floors. The potential for water to absorb into the wood will increase depending on the amount of water present on the floor.

How Long the Floor Has Been Exposed to Water

In determining whether your floor needs repair or replacement, time is a significant factor. Your floor has more damage if it is exposed to water for a long time. If your floor is exposed to water for more than 24 hours, you are more likely to have to replace your entire floor.

Source of Water

Water that floods your home came from various sources. Each source of water produces different types of water. You have to keep in mind where the water came from as every type of water has a different level of damage and danger and will help you determine whether you need floor repair or replacement.

  • Clean Water: clean water are usually from an overflowing sink or bathtub and the least dangerous because it is freshwater without harmful bacteria. This type of water is safe to clean up and does not carry bacteria that may result in mold buildup or foul odor. You are least likely to have to replace a floor in this situation, depending on the amount of water and how long your floor is exposed to water.
  • Grey Water: Grey water is dirty water that often comes from washing machines and dishwashers. This water is considered dirty because it is contaminated with different cleaning substances like bleach and dishwashing detergent.
  • Salt Water: saltwater often comes from a saltwater fish tank, and this water is not dangerous yet can still cause damage to wood floors if not dealt with immediately, causing damage to the overall finish of the floor.
  • Black Water: The most dangerous type of water damage is black water as it comes from contaminated sewage, usually from an overflowing toilet. Black water smells and contains harmful bacteria that carry various diseases. If your floor is exposed to black water for a long time, you have to replace your hardwood floors.

Visible Physical Damage

When deciding whether to repair or replace your wood floors, you must assess the visible signs of water damage on your floor. This includes cupping, crowning, buckling, and staining. These physical damages will help you decide.

Calling in an expert in floor repair Atlanta will help you decide whether you should repair or replace your hardwood floors as they know which option is the best for your situation.

Floor Repair in Atlanta

Are you looking for professional floor restoration in Atlanta? Atlanta Damage Restoration is an expert in floor repair Atlanta. We can help you restore your water-damaged floor to its original beauty. Our experts are skilled in repairing, replacing, and installing various types of flooring materials, especially hardwood floors.

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